HRIS API Connector Instructions - BambooHR


A secure connection to your HRIS is required in order to access your® ParityINDEX® dashboard. Once is able to access your HRIS data through a secure connection (API), we can begin to set-up your ParityINDEX dashboard.


Retrieve API Key

1. Log into BambooHR as an administrator and create a new non-employee user. 

2. Limit the newly created non-employee user access:

  • Go to your account settings via the cog in the upper right menu.
  • Navigate to the access levels.
  • Select a custom access level from the lock icon.
  • Add the non-employee user.
  • Select the settings to only share the requested information.

3. Log out and log back in as the newly created non-employee user. Click on your profile picture.
4. From the dropdown, select ‘API Keys’.
5. Create a new API Key by clicking the ‘Create New Key’ button.
6. From here, the new API key will be generated.
7. Click ‘Show’ to display the key.
8. Copy and paste it into the ‘API Key’ field on the ‘Data Settings’ page of the ParityINDEX registration or ParityINDEX My Account.

Retrieve Domain

Your company’s domain is the URL of your BambooHR tool once you are logged in (example:

1. Once logged in, please copy your company name in the URL (everything before ‘’).

2. Paste in the ‘Company Domain’ field on the ‘Data Settings’ page of the ParityINDEX registration or ParityINDEX My Account.



In BambooHR settings, please select the following data points to be available:

  1. Employee Title
  2. Employee ID number*
  3. Gender
  4. Employee location (ZIP/Postal Code)
  5. Employee location (Country)
  6. Department**
  7. Hire date
  8. Termination date
  9. Termination reason
  10. Supervisor ID*
  11. Supervisor Title
  12. Employee status (full/part time)
  13. Ethnicity/race
  14. Age
  15. Employee pay rate
  16. Bonus pay
  17. Commission
  18. Currency
  19. Pay rate effective date
  20. Pay change reason
  21. Leave of absence reason
  22. Leave of absence start date
  23. Leave of absence stop date
  24. Highest level of education

This value will be replaced by computer-generated ID for privacy and security purposes.

**Your HRIS may have different labels for these data elements as some are configurable within your HRIS. Please select the appropriate data point that is similar. 

If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out to