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Actionable Insights for Chief Diversity Officers

Companies that reach gender and racial parity (to at least 30%) at the executive and Board levels are 15% more profitable and 19% more innovative than peer organizations lacking in diversity. Building a representative leadership pipeline from the entry level to the C-Suite is critical for success.
The ParityINDEX is the first tool that looks at the intersection of women and people of color (POC) with variables like recruitment, retention/attrition, age, pay and promotions to create insights that you can turn into action. Using multivariate regression analysis, our proprietary algorithms, developed in conjunction with inequality experts, show D&I leaders exactly where issues are occurring in their company, allowing them to develop targeted plans to address and correct them.

Know your score and benchmark to others

Quickly see the level at which women and men, and people of color, are recruited into the organization and the comparative rate by gender and race

Quickly see accurate pay disparities between women and men within each department

Determine if women and POC are being promoted at proportionate levels to other demographic groups

Easily see at what year women and men, and people of color, leave the organization



  • Your Dashboard is customized to your company and is dynamic, updating daily as data are automatically received. Your insights are always up-to-date.
  • Understand the intersection of gender and race with recruitment, promotions, retention, and attrition, as well as pay parity.
  • Monitor your progress over time, or select your own timeframe to see what impact your actions have.
  • Download reports for presenting to senior leadership or the board to show where the company is succeeding and where it can improve.
  • See the impact of pandemics or other major events on gender/race composition and pay parity.
  • Benchmark your results with peers in the industry as more companies like yours sign up.

Your dashboard pages include the following:

  • ParityINDEX score
  • Representation (demographic information down to the department level)
  • Pay Parity by Gender and Race
  • Employment Cycle by Gender and Race
  • D&I Key Performance Indicators

The ParityINDEX is free to the first 10 companies from each industry. Claim your spot today.

The ParityINDEX gives your company a private parity score and much more unique insights into how policies, programs and employment actions are impacting women and people of color.

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“This points to the gaps and shows you the opportunity areas.”

“The ParityINDEX goes deeper, with more insights than anything else I’ve seen.”


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