Gender and racial diversity in leadership is proven to make businesses more profitable. Even so, many companies are a long way from equal representation.

We believe that if you don't measure it, you can't improve it. The ParityINDEX® helps your organization measure and close the gender and racial gaps by analyzing representation and the types of roles women and people of color hold in your organization. The more companies that register and share their data, the more dramatic the impact we will have in closing the representation gap across entire industries—once and for all.

When your company joins the ParityINDEX®, you become a significant part of the solution.

The ParityINDEX gives your company a private score, an industry benchmark comparison, and a “What-If” calculator to show how your score can improve as you reach gender parity. 

Best of all, the ParityINDEX is free.

What makes the ParityINDEX different:

The ParityINDEX is updated daily. We use your data to create a custom dashboard for your company that is updated daily and as new hires or board placements are made, allowing you to see real-time progress throughout the year, so you don't have to wait for an annual report.
We gather data from your HRIS, so you don’t need to spend hours digging through reports or responding to surveys. You don’t have to think about upkeep or maintenance--as long as your HRIS is up to date, the ParityINDEX is up to date. If your company doesn't use an HRIS, you can still participate with a secure CSV upload.
We only need a handful of data points to calculate your ParityINDEX score. But the more information you give us, the more we can tell you about gender and racial parity in your company and what may be causing any possible deficiencies. We recommend providing as many data points as possible so we can provide you with actionable information and a robust dashboard including insights into pay disparity, tenure, and more.
We don’t store personally identifiable information (PII). Further, your data and Index score are private to you: only you will see your company’s results. The ParityINDEX never publishes data on any specific company. That means you can get and improve your score in the privacy of your office.  All information is stored in a highly secure database, and we use secure encryption and techniques like hashing and masking so each company’s data is completely anonymous.
Once per year, will announce the top 10% of companies in each industry. The highest-performing company in each industry will receive the Award of Excellence. Actual Index scores will not be shared publicly, only the company name.

What it requires from you:

The registration process takes about three minutes, and requires three pieces of information:

  1. Identifiable information about your company, like size, industry and your company logo for the website.
  2. Your HRIS platform vendor so we can work with you to collect about 9 pieces of non-identifiable employee information like title and gender.
  3. Publicly available information about your Board.

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ParityINDEX® Advisor

Dafna Gelbgiser, PhD

The ParityINDEX® was developed in collaboration with inequality expert Dr. Dafna Gelbgiser, an Assistant Professor of Labor Studies at Tel Aviv University, and a principal at interstitio. She uses advanced statistical methods to study the sources and patterns of inequality in education and labor market outcomes by gender, race, immigrant status, and social class background. Her recent work examines how organizational practices impact gender differences in field of study selection in higher education, and subsequent patterns of occupational segregation in the labor market. Prior to joining the faculty at Tel Aviv University, she was a Research Scientist at Facebook, Inc. and a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Center for the Study of Inequality at Cornell University.

Use of the word "parity"® is an independent nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation promoting gender parity. Any other organization using the word “parity” in its name is not affiliated with® or the ParityPledge®, unless expressly stated by®. is the original organization that simply asks companies to make a public commitment to interview at least one qualified woman for every role VP and above. That’s it. No quotas. No deadlines. No complicated programs or requirements.

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