Formatting and Uploading Your CSV Data


If the ParityINDEX does not yet support your HRIS, or if you do not have an HRIS, you can still get a dashboard by uploading a CSV file with your HR data.

Your dashboard will be updated based on your most recent CSV upload. For your dashboard to accurately reflect your employee composition and to see change over time, we recommend uploading a new CSV file on the first of each month.

As a best practice, we recommend setting up a standard monthly or weekly report either within your HRIS or creating one through a spreadsheet (CSV) with the required data elements. This will save you time creating future reports.


  1. Log in to your ParityINDEX profile.
  2. Download the CSV template, found in “Data Settings”.
  3. Input your data into each of the columns, starting with Row 2 (Row 1 is used for data headings). 
  4. Do not reorder or remove any columns. All columns are required to participate in the Index. If you are missing data, leave the cell blank.
  5. Your company HRIS may have different terms for the headings on the template. Please format the data under the heading that most closely matches the correct category.
  6. List each individual employee’s data on a separate line. Each employee should have a unique Employee ID# that is the same ID used in each CSV upload*. If your system does not collect Employee ID, assign a unique numeric value in column B for each employee. Again, it’s important that the numbers be the same with each of the future (or historical) uploads.
  7. Format all dates in the following format: mm/dd/yyyy
  8. Save the file with your formatted data as a CSV. The name of the file does not matter for upload purposes, so call the file whatever you like. 
  9. Log in to your ParityINDEX profile and upload the CSV file in “Data Settings.”

If you have any questions, please reach out to

*The ParityINDEX immediately and automatically assigns all employees a new, computer-generated ID in order to mask identity. No personally identifiable information is stored.

Uploading Historical Data Using CSV Uploads

All ParityINDEX customers have the option to add historical data to their dashboard to track change over time. You can do this using a CSV upload of one file for each historical day you’d like to view. We recommend one CSV on the first of each month, going back at least 12 or more, depending on how much information you want to compare.

Use the process outlined above to upload your historical data.

Replaced by computer-generated ID

Note: your HRIS system may have different terms for these elements. Please select the data that most closely resembles these categories.

If you have any questions please reach out to